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29th January 2023

Dear ABPMites.

How are you treating life? Hope you are killing it 😉?

2021 is looking good for me already.

The automated publishing business is bae.

The efforts I put into my work in 2020 is paying off very well right now.

Enough about me, though.

The reason I am writing this letter?

I want to do you a huge favour.

I want to take your book publishing earnings to another level, fast.

With what I will be sharing with you, you can triple or quadruple your current earnings.

But, I don't know if you qualify.

There are some requirements.

I will only reward you with more knowledge if you have put into practice what I taught in the ABPM program.

And you must have results to prove it.

This free class that I will be organising will be for my top fifty students only.

You may be among them.

Here is how to qualify.

Since you started implementing ABPM, you must have earned $100+.

If you indeed have earned $100+, then send me screenshots of your earnings.

I will select the top 50 earners.

If you are picked, I will send you more details about the secret training.

And like I said before, the training will be free.

It will also be simplified.

And you can indeed start implementing the nuggets immediately.

Now, send a message to

The subject should be: My earning proof.

Body: Here is my ABPM earnings so far.

Then attach a screenshot of your earnings.

Don't wait.

Do it right away.

Procrastination is the stealer of opportunities.


Tony Fotizo