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My Simple N1,000,000 


Hey, my secret internet marketing hero.

This is your boy Tony Fotizo.

Today I am NOT here to sell you anything.

Instead my plan is to "dash" you N1,000,000.

Just meet the requirement, then, drop your account number and your phone will light up with the credit alert.

There will be no delay.

But here is the deal.

I have a money spinning offer that people just love to buy.

The offer is not so "niche specific". 

Any body that loves to make money with little or no effort, would love it.

I call it the Auto Book Pay Method...

...a system for creating big monthly salaries that never stops.

It is my unique invention for ...publishing books without writing a single word.

Then, after applying my sick "secret recipe" to the mix...

....the books will miraculously start selling themselves without any form of promo.

The program comes with four innovative, never-seen-before systems for generating FREE contents.

A lazy persons can complete at least two books and upload them in a few hours ( from start to finish)

In 25 days, 50 books can be published..

And if the person wants to stop uploading more books, they can stop.

But, their earnings will keep dropping in their bank account month after month without stopping.

That  is why I call it AUTO book pay.

It is automated revenue.

A set and forget kinda thing.

This system secretly makes me multiple 7 figures.


Please don't tell your list that.

in fact don't tell anybody that I told you that.

I don't want to push this program as one of those get rich quick systems.

That is why in the VSL , I only used examples of amateurs and unserious students.

Weak students who are receiving between N50,000 to N200,000 monthly ....hands free ....from the ABPM system.

I used those examples because I want to scare away those bad buyers ( people who have a wrong mentality, people who think making money online is MMM )

NOTE: there is a full refund guarantee attached to the program.

It comes with a simple condition.

Which is...

"Upload at least 50 books" following my simple instructions.

And if these 50 books don't make you at least  $100, I will give you a full refund.

Not just that.

I also offer an additional N50,000 as compensation.

Then, I will relieve the recipient of his or her publishing account.

And we will both go our separate ways in peace.

So this offer is a no brainer.

How to get the N1M?

I will get to that.

The program goes for N50k.

If you send me a student, you get N15k.

To get the N1M?

Refer 100 students to ABPM in "30 Day."


If you can refer 100 buyers?

You get N1M paid to your account instantly. ( this is not inclusive of you commission o )

If you can get this done in 7days, good for you.

If you couldn't hit 100 sales but you cross the 50 sales 30 days... then you will get a gift of N250k from me.

Moving on....

The sales-page will be up before sun down on Thursdays 2nd April.

I will try to get the program on expertnaire.

But don't wait for that.

If you are game, I will setup a revenue share in PAYSTACK for you.

And you will have your unique sales link.

So that you can get to work immediately.

And start making some fast cash.

This program is good for this season where everyone is forced to stay at home.

I would love to have your name and email.

So that I can send you sensitive details about this offer.

And some heavyweight strategies that you can use to melt people's heart and make them buy ABPM through your affiliate link.

Use the form below.

And I will be in touch.

Team work makes the dream work.

To your success

Tony Fotizo.

Almost 200 sign ups already