How to Write
Sales Letters

That Can Shut
Down The BRAIN,

And Get People
Emotionally Drunk,

So They Can Buy
Anything You Want
Them to Buy,

Without Any

Even If It Is Your
Smelly Rotten SHIT,

They Will 


Brutal , Merciless,

Mind Twisting 

Sales Persuasion Tactics  

for People Who are Tired

of Staring at Their

Empty Bank account.


Pls, Don't Skip This Part

If you are soft-hearted and lack the killer instinct to slit people's "emotional throat" and suck their blood with joy, then, my copywriting solution might be too  hot for you to handle.


... if you are the type of person that can go the extra mile and do everything in your power so that your child, mother, lover or sister  never have to starve or go homeless, THEN...

...You  are going to love my copywriting tactics far more than you love orgasms.


I am not a *kind copywriter.

I cast spell on people.

And I don't feel bad about it.

I make people SLAVES of their OWN forbidden passions.

I am merciless.


... if you are not comfortable with what you have heard so far, please,  feel free to close this website and walk away peacefully.


If you decide to keep reading, I can't stop you.



Wise one.

You are welcome.

I am that Tony Fotizo that is making people rich everywhere with my sick copywriting madness.

People say I am not normal. ?

They are right.

And as you apply my copywriting methods, and start getting unbelievable results,  you will come to the same conclusion very quickly (that I am indeed not normal ? at all).


On this page, I will make you two promises. And I intend to keep every one of them.

The first promise is that this letter will be very short, and it will be over before you know it.


The second promise is that I won’t force you to buy anything from me.

I believe that if you have a need for the "cash vomiting sales tactics" that I will show you, then, you will not need anybody to convince you to buy it.

So, let's roll...



This “thing” is deep.

But I will try to dissect it in 3 secs.

You don’t have to agree with anything I am about to say now.

But just listen.

There are five major “FORCES” that live inside every one of us ...I call them “the hidden demons of the mind”.

These inner forces cause us to make decisions that we will NEVER make “when” our intellect is in full control.


When these hidden “demons” are triggered, a person can do very crazy things ...things they never thought they could ever... ever do.


After I show you how to trigger these hidden demons, you would be able to get people to buy a lot of your products.


 They would buy your products without thinking twice. Because their hidden demons will be the ones in control of their buying decisions AND NOT THEIR INTELLECT.

And before they know what is happening, they have already sent you money.

More sales, more money, more success, is that not what you want?

If yes, then...this is how to make it happen faster than you have ever imagined.

So, how can you trigger these inner forces in people, so that they can buy whatever you are selling without thinking twice?

Do you really want to know? ?

What  difference  do you think such vital information will make to your sales and earnings .... huge difference ... right?


You will be able to implement "this  rare copywriting tactics after you've  gone through The Blood Sucking Copywriting (B.S.C) Blueprint by Tony Fotizo.

In that course, I explained the "DEMONS" behind every “buying decision”.

And once you understand the mindset of these demons, you can remote people to buy, buy, buy and keep buying from you continuously.

And  even when they run out of money, they will go borrow to  continue buying from you. The methods discussed in this program are uniquely ferocious in operation.

If you can lay your hands on them, then, you can surely become a weapon of mass “sales-explosion”  and your earnings will EXPLODE.

The only sad thing is that this training is very... very expensive.

But, on the other hand...

... with the quick profits you can generate using these tactics, you will most likely earn back your purchase cost in a blink of an eye.


Let’s quickly wrap this up.

My first promised was to keep this letter as short as possible and I did.

The last promise is that I won’t force you to buy anything.

Because I believe you have enough sense to know what is good for your business.


... at this juncture, I can say that you have probably  seen and heard enough to make a buying decision.


AND...if that is the case, then, put your heart to rest my friend.

Take a deep breathe, BECAUSE...

The course is not expensive at all.

I was just teasing you when I said it was ?.


If you want to, you can get The Blood Sucking Copywriting Course  for  just N25,000 right now.

But  hold on, don't do anything yet.

First... ? picture this , for a second:

{ I am standing in front of you,  holding the "hidden-demons-trigger-secrets" in my hands....

And you are holding N25,000 in your hands.

My question is: Which is more valuable to you?

Is it the N25,000 in your hands or the "hidden-demons-trigger-secrets" in my hands?

If you were to advise your son.... which option will you tell him to go for? }

As wicked as he is , even the devil will advice  his child to go for the  "hidden-demons-trigger-secrets" in my hands.

Because these secrets are priceless.... they are very effective... and they make people rich.

I promise that once you learn how to trigger these hidden demons, you would be able to....

...Write Sales Letters That
Can Shut Down The BRAIN,
And Get People Emotionally

Drunk, So They Can Buy

Anything You  Want Them

to Buy, Without Any
Objections And Even If It Is

Your Smelly Rotten SHIT,
They Will BUY IT.


The price of the course is N25,000 right now as we speak.


But, will it  remain N25,000 forever?


The price will surely go up.

You can even come back a few minutes later and the price would have been updated to N35,000.

I like MONEY a lot ?.

So, as demand for the course goes up, trust me, I will gradually increase the price.



If at this stage , you are still wondering if you should get the Blood Sucking Copywriting Blueprint or not, then, obviously, you are being "TRICKED..."

I will explain.

This is  how our wonderful mind works...

Whenever we come across a NEW  opportunity, our minds always cook up  reasons why we should  hesitate and not take action. 

And this is because our minds are programmed to stick with what we are used to , aka ( The Comfort Zone).

And (The Comfort Zone), is the number one reason why people FAIL.

For example:

(The Comfort Zone),  is why so many people will never marry a person who is from another tribe even if the person is an ANGEL.

Their mind will TRICK them and all they'll keep hearing is ... "The Devil You know is Better Than the Angel You Don't Know."

And this is how so many GOOD people have ended up marrying a DEVIL just because he or she could speak their local dialect.

 You can see the STUPIDITY in such reasoning, right ?

BUT.... in the same way...

... this is how ( The Comfort Zone) can easily destroy our lives if we allow our minds to TRICK us from taking advantage of the obvious opportunity that's staring us in the face.

For example...

... staring you in the face right now, is a secret information that  can help you make a rush of sales and quickly turn things around for yourself, financially.


... if you allow it, your mind will hold you back and  force you to remain in that (Comfort Zone) where you are probably not  getting exceptional sales right now or making the type of big money you should be making.

But would you allow your mind to hold you back and TRICK you out of something this GOOD?

Should you?

Well, I can't tell you what to do.


 If you desire to win the battle of your mind, then this is how to do it.

The way to defeat the "WEAKNESS OF THE MIND" is by pushing  yourself to take action even if your mind is telling you otherwise. 

That is what winners do; they take action, they go against their comfort zone, they get results and make their life beautiful.


...don't you remember that every time you have pushed yourself to do the right thing at the right time, you have always ended up feeling happy with your decision later on?

Think about it.


The truth is...

"A LOT OF MONEY is floating around, and I promise that with the B.S.C secrets, you can fling your share of this money into your bank account with ease."

 I have said enough already. 

Now it is left for you to do whatever you feel like doing.

I promised not to force you to buy anything from me, REMEMBER?

AND that is because I believe you should be smart enough to know what's good for your business. 

So, if you cannot see any way this course can be of help to your business, then, forget about it .....don't buy it.

I have kept my second PROMISE ?.

What This Guy Said is Everything

Copyright - Tony Fotizo