An Elite Luxury Spa Package Designed to Pamper and Spoil You, Perfect for Anyone Who Wants to Get Rid of Pains, Stress, a Tired and Dull Skin and Achieve a Calmer and Clearer Mind!

"Welcome to an exquisite self-care journey"...  

"Get a costomised spa journey, designed for those who cherish relaxation, beauty, and the finest in spa experiences. We don't just rejuvenate your body, we revitalize your soul. You deserve this pleasure!"

  • Experiencing High Stress Levels: are you constantly under a lot of stress due to demanding jobs, personal situations, or a combination of both. This spa package will help you relax, de-stress, and find some peace.
  • Do you suffer Physical Discomfort : experiencing physical discomfort or pain muscle tension, joint pain, or general fatigue? Our  massages and body scrubs can help alleviate these discomforts.
  • Desire for a Glow Up: does your skill feel dull and lifeless due to stress, pollution, or aging? Our effective facial treatments and body scrub can help restore your skin's natural glow and make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Here's What's in the Elite Luxury Spa Package!

These are carefully curated for  your upmost pleasure


 Benefit 1: 

Be greeted by a dedicated concierge, who will be at your beck and call, making sure every nuanced preference is attended to with finesse.


 Benefit 2: 

Enjoy private sessions with your choice of a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage that will melt away all your stress and tension.


 Benefit 3: 

Illuminate your skin with our signature 'Glow Up' facial. It's not just a treatment, it's a renaissance for your skin, reigniting its natural luminosity.


 Benefit 4: 

Receive a custom-designed product recommendation post-facial, your personal blueprint for maintaining that 'just left the spa' radiance at home.


 Benefit 5: 

Enjoy the poetic immersion of a relaxing rose petal soak, coupled with your choice of bubbly champagne or exquisite non-alcoholic wine – a bath fit for a deity!


 Benefit 6: 

Delight in an array of bespoke refreshments, including fresh fruit, pastries, cookies, and chocolates, each one a masterpiece in flavour, handpicked to dance on your palate and complement your sensory journey.


 Benefit 7: 

Unlock the doors to our exclusive spa facilities. Luxurious saunas, private relaxation lounges, steam rooms, and hydrotherapy pools await, promising a tranquil sanctuary of rejuvenation.


 Benefit 8: 

Experience the ultimate in hand and foot pampering with our top-tier manicure and pedicure sessions - from gentle exfoliation to expert grooming and high-quality polish or gel application.


 Benefit 9: 

Revel in a skin-transforming body scrub, an invigorating ritual that will awaken every inch of your skin, leaving you glowing like a polished jewel.


 Benefit 10: 

Capture the memory of your sublime journey with a keepsake instant photo, a tangible remnant of your sojourn in our oasis of luxury and pampering.

You Will Walk Away With...

A Glowing Skin

With treatments like the New Image Glow Up Facial and the Body Scrub, the dead skin cells will be removed, leaving your skin bright, smooth, and glowing.

Improved Blood Circulation

: Our Spa treatments, especially massage, help to improve blood circulation, which can result in better oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells.


Our spa treatments, including body exfoliation, steaming, and the use of sauna, help in detoxifying the skin from built-up waste and bacteria, resulting in clearer skin.

Better Sleep

The relaxation and stress relief from the spa experience can help improve sleep patterns, which is beneficial for overall health and well-being.

What others are saying about this Spa Package:

The glow-up facial left my skin radiant

"An absolute spoil of luxury and care. The glow-up facial left my skin radiant. It's a balance of relaxation and beauty. Can't wait for my next visit!"

Bella N. //Event Planner

It's more than a spa day

The 'Indulgent Retreat' is luxurious and warm. I loved the rose petal soak, a treat for the senses. It's more than a spa day; it's a beautiful and relaxing experience."

ada Nd.  //  Financial Adviser

 It's worth every penny!

"The Indulgent Retreat is a game-changer. It calms you from the moment you step in. The aromatherapy massage and private lounges are fantastic. It's worth every penny!"

Angela O.  //  House wife

Get The Best Spa Package For You

  • Swedish Massage: N15k
  • Body Exfoliation: N20k
  • Bespoke Refreshments: 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  • Deep Tissue Massage: N20k
  • New Image  Glow up Facials: N35k
  • Body Exfoliation: N20k
  • Pedicure & Manicure: N10k
  • Bespoke Refreshment: 
  • A Keepsake Instant Photo:

Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  • Skin Analysis Consultation: N20k
  • Relaxing Jacuzzi Soak: N25k
  • Deep Tissue Massage: N20k
  • New Image  Glow up Facials: N35k
  • Body Exfoliation: N20k
  • Pedicure & Manicure: N10k
  • Bespoke Refreshment: 
  • A Keepsake Instant Photo: 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!




You missed out!

By opting for any of these package, you can enhance your overall wellness, combining both physical beautification and a boost in health.

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