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Discover My 15 Year Old, Tested and Trusted, Simple, Yet Outrageously Effective Secrets for Repeatedly Minting Millions From a Tiny Unresponsive Email list or Snobbish Social Media Followers.

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Tony Fotizo-Best Copywriter in nigeria

"Tony Fotizo"


Toyin Omotsho

 "Tony Fotizo is the first ever Nigerian copywriter I paid to help me write a copy. The man is a persuasion machine!"

"In all my years of copywriting, I have never ever hired anybody to write sales copy for me until I met Tony Fotizo. He is not a copywriter, he's a hypnotist."

Waju Abraham

Andy Mukolo

"Tony Fotizo is the serpent who persuaded Eve to eat that apple. Now, he roams the earth as a seven-figure Copywriter operating out of Nigeria."

Tony Fotizo is the real deal. The guy is a genius, the celebrity copywriter of Nigeria. He is your mentor's mentor when it comes to copywriting. The guy is hot.

Ugo Dosh

Tony Fotizo has the ability to write stories that captivates and compare people to buy.



The man Fotizo is not regular. He takes Copywriting a Step further.

Jonathan Melody

I am thinking of how I'm going to harvest Tony Fotizo's brain without killing him.

Broda Dapo

My Dearest Distant Internet Cousin,

Real quick, two infallible facts .

Number One.

From now on you'll be able to turn your 500-1000 leads or followers into a rock-solid N500k monthly income you follow my proven high-conversion strategies perfected for maximising profits from small audiences (more on that later).

Number Two.

“If you’re convinced this new training can turn your small audience into a cash cow,

but you decide not to buy it, then, no persuasion tactics of mine can force you to go against your decision".

I understand this fact very well.

That's why before I started writing this letter, I dropped all my persuasion techniques at the door

and I’ve decided not to break a sweat trying to sweet-talk you into buying this training.

Rather, I'll try my best to plainly explain how it is easily possible for you to milk serious money from a tiny, stubborn audience using my irresistible methods.

So, read on if that is something you would love to know more about.

And just so you know, this training, exposing how I rake in tens of millions effortlessly from small audiences, year in, year out,

...will cost you a whooping , bankruptcy-causing, hefty price of "N37,000".

So, I am guessing you might have to empty your bank account or starve for a year to save the money it takes to get my new training.????????????

But jokes apart, if you are actually that broke, then, that's the more reason to get this training now because it can put a permanent end to 'broke-ness' in your life forever.

Anyway, Here is The Foundational Knowledge Of My Methodology - How it All Began.

At 19, I had a girlfriend.

We were inseparable!

We studied, evangelised and sang together in church regularly.

I can still remember the exact spot we stood when we shared our first kiss.

Her lips were yummy like Cold Stone ice cream.

And the feeling was electrifying.

Anyway, that’s how far we went - just kisses - nothing more.

However, I soon came to regret stopping at just kissing.

"You should have gone further and squeezed as many perky parts of her body as possible" (a mocking voice in my head taunted me continuously).

Wondering why such dirty thought arose in the head of a young man of God?

Here's what happened.

She suddenly became distant.

I couldn't decode what I did wrong.

So I snooped around like a starving street dog ransacking a dumpster.

And after some digging, I found the truth.

A hotter, fresher bloke had  swept my babe off my arms like a tsunami.

And without any quarrel, this young Bini damsel dumped yours truly like a rotten bag of beans without batting an eyelid.

There my friend was how I got my first heartbreak ( it was served ice cold).

But that wasn't the end...

The REVENGE - How to Get What You Want When Customers Are Few and Competition is FIERCE.

I grew up in a small community where beautiful chicks were scarce.

All the hot girls I knew already had boyfriends.

And, sadly, I wasn’t handsome.

Girls weren't running after me.

So, if I were to get another hot babe, I would have to devise a sneaky scheme to steal her from her man.

Just the way mine was stolen from me.

And after some sad nights of brainstorming, I came up with a solid strategy.

First, I identified a girl who is always quiet and moody.

I got close just a bit to see if we shared a common interest.

And thank God we did.

Then, I capitalised on that 'common interest' to grow our closeness.

And after she had gotten comfortable with me, I proceeded to subtly sow tiny seeds of dissatisfaction in her mind towards her relationship.

I did this not by badmouthing her boyfriend.

But by appreciating every little thing about her.

For example, the 'common interest' we shared was songwriting.

And even when she wrote a song that sounded like two mosquitoes arguing, I would praise her song to the high heavens.

I also made sure to constantly compliment her fashion, even though she sometimes dressed like my grandmother.

I flatted her whenever she changed her hairstyle or used a different colour of lipstick.

I acted like I could see something special in her that other couldn't see.

And with every word, I painted happiness across her face.

I became her dopamine dealer.

Soon, the complaints about her boyfriend started popping up, and when they did, I would listen and make innocent comments such as…

“That guy wouldn’t value what he has until he loses it to someone who does”.

And I would say these things softly while looking deep into her eyes.

Here’s the thing about some girls in relationships – they sometimes secretly ache for the thrill of something new and exciting.

They crave attention from a new and different set of eyes.

And by radiating an infectious, carefree, and flirtatious vibe, you can kindle an irresistible attraction, sweeping her off her feet.

About four months into my plot, my target cracked.

I knew my game plan was working when "eventually, she stopped mentioning her boyfriend in our conversations."

Then the babe became extremely relaxed, very playful and carefree around me.

And she started telling me her deepest darkest romantic fantasies.

On one lucky day, while showing me some of her new songs, she said,

“Tee, can I ask you a question? And please, I want you to be totally honest with me”.

She said this like a vulnerable lost child begging to be taken back home to her loving parents.

The question was, “Do you love me”?

I calmly dropped the pen and book in my hands.

Took a deep breath, pulled her closer, looked deep into her soul, and swallowed her lips.

And that my friend was how I stole this young quiet Yoruba damsel from her Bini boyfriend.

I guess the question in your mind now is if I stopped at just kissing this time.

Yes. I stopped.

But I know you won’t believe me ????.

Anyway, next I'll explain how my old strategy for stealing people’s girlfriends is now helping me make tens of millions yearly from  tiny audiences.

And most importantly how it can help you too.

The Tiny Audience Money-Making Secrets Learned From Stealing Girlfriends Like a Pro (  FREE TRAINING AHEAD ????).

Just like in "Stealing Girlfriends", if you have a small audience, you MUST master these "four pillars" to succeed.


Find out the deepest hidden desires of your audience like a psychic so you'd know exactly what they're dying to buy.

Here's why.

1. Emotional Connection: Understanding your audience's desires fosters a deep emotional connection.

When you align your offerings with their innermost wishes, they feel heard, valued, and appreciated.

2. Fulfilling Unconscious Needs: Many desires are unconscious or subconscious. By decoding them, you fulfil needs your audience might not even be aware of, resulting in profound satisfaction.

3. Enhanced Decision-Making: Understanding their desires allows you to influence their decision-making process.

You can present your offerings in a way that directly appeals to their innermost motivations, making the decision to buy more compelling.

4. Sense of Belonging: By offering products or services that align with their desires, you create a sense of belonging.

People naturally gravitate toward personalities and brands that resonate with their core values and wishes.

5. Self-Expression: Many desires are tied to self-expression and identity.

When your products or services help them express who they are or who they want to be, it fulfils a fundamental psychological need.

Now, here's the truth.

"The small size of your audience isn't the reason you're not earning substantial income.

The problem is you don't understand their deepest desires".

There are Churches of less than 2000 members that collect tens of millions in tithes and offerings weekly.

The pastor knows what the members want, and he gives it to them. And the congregants are happy to support the ministry financially (WILLINGLY).

You can be like that pastor.

I can show you how.

It's simple.

The secret lies in truly UNDERSTANDING YOUR AUDIENCE on a level that goes
beyond demographics.

I have a method that makes "audience understanding" easy-peasy.

You can go straight to class two of the training to start learning and applying that method immediately.
(Watch the videos but make sure to read the reports, they have extra details).

But just before you do that, let's see the next "pillar" you need in order to transform tiny audiences into money growing trees.


Breaking News! They don't buy from you because they don't trust you.

The priciest possession of most humans is their money.

We trade our energies, time and brains in exchange for it.

And after we have earned that money, for us to hand it over to you, we have to trust you wholeheartedly.

"Hence, building trust with your audience is crucial for a variety of profound psychological reasons that can inspire them to buy without hesitation.

And here they are:

1. Reduced Cognitive Load: Trust simplifies decision-making. When your audience trusts you, they don't need to invest extensive mental effort in evaluating alternatives, making the buying process smoother and quicker.

2. Risk Reduction: Trust lowers perceived risks. People are more likely to buy when they believe that your product or service will deliver as promised, reducing the chance of disappointment or regret.

3. Emotional Comfort: Trust creates emotional comfort. When individuals trust a brand or seller, they experience less anxiety or uncertainty, making them more inclined to make a purchase. Lack of trust equals more anxiety.

4. Fulfilment of Underlining Needs: Trust fulfils psychological needs. People have a fundamental need for security and predictability. A trusted brand or seller satisfies this need, and it leads to more purchases.

In essence, establishing trust with your audience taps into deep psychological drivers that not only motivate them to buy but also make the buying process effortless and fulfilling.

Trust acts as a powerful catalyst for sales.

Are you wondering if there is a tested hack for building trust, quickly,  especially designed for people who have a small audience? 

The answer is YES!

Click to class one of the training, it contains sneaky, yet very ethical tactics for earning trust fast.

But that's not all.

You need to add another "pillar" to your arsenals if minting million from small audiences is your goal.

See it below.


"You need to find out how to craft content so persuasive that it feels like a magnetic force that pulls people to your offers in a compelling way.

Such content is what it requires  for your tiny audience to buy from you without thinking twice."

And here's why it works.

1. Emotional Engagement: Persuasive content taps into emotions, triggering a strong emotional connection with your audience.

Emotions often drive irrational buying decisions (You need this to make a constant rush of sales)

2. Emotional Resonance: A well constructed persuasive content  resonates emotionally with an audience because it aligns with their values, desires, fears and aspirations. 

This emotional connection fires up their decision to purchase from you.

3. Endowment Effect: Persuasive content can make your audience feel like they already own your product mentally.

This psychological phenomenon, known as the endowment effect, can increase their inclination to purchase quickly and easily.

4. Emotional Appeals: Persuasive content leverages emotions such as nostalgia, happiness, or empathy to create a powerful emotional pull that drives purchasing decisions.

However, creating persuasive content is easier said than done.

And if you have a tiny audience, your persuasive skills have to be above par.

But there lies the problem for most people 

(Their writing skills can't persuade ants to eat sugar).

However, you wouldn't have such problems.

‘Cos all you have to do is click to class three of this training, and you'll find all the tools needed to create persuasive content.

By the way, are you enjoying the training so far?

I'll give one more nugget, and that's it.

See it below.


It is one thing to know how to create highly persuasive content.

But it's another thing to be able to do it consistently.

Posting just a few persuasive content won't turn your tiny audience into a minting press.

To get the money flowing non-stop , you have to keep the persuasive contents flowing non-stop.

And here's why

1. Motivation Reinforcement: Consistent, persuasive content reminds your audience of their initial motivations for buying from you.

It reinforces and justify the reasons behind their first choice, which leads to repeated patronage. ( This is huge - read it again).

2. Dopamine Release: When people anticipate and consume your persuasive content consistently,

their brains release dopamine, the pleasure hormone, causing them to get addicted to your brand over time.

3. Cognitive Ease: Persuasive, consistent content rewires the brain's neural pathways, making it easier for your audience to make buying decisions faster without overthinking.

4. Authority Building: Over time, consistent persuasive content establishes you as an authority in your niche, making people more likely to trust your recommendations and buy.

"The absence of these Four PILLARS is why so many marketers are frustrated With Their Small Audience".

And as a result, they'd shamelessly come online to rant about how their audience are filled with broke people who don't buy.

Instead of learning how to master the four pillars, they choose to play the blame game.

It's pathetic.

It reminds me of a man who caught his girlfriend cheating.

He returned home two days early from a business trip.

And, from his balcony he could hear his babe wailing like  a lunatic who is being tore to shreds by ten Tigers.

When he peeped through the window he saw her vigorously bouncing on top the 23 years old Calabar "Youth Corper" who lived at the boys quarters.

 Afterwards, the man said what hurt him the most is not the fact that she cheated.  

Rather, it was how she  was screaming for joy while aggressively stabbing herself with the young man's long dagger that shattered his heart beyond repair.

He complained that his babe normally acts like a nun.  And apart from some passionless "papa and mama" style, she wouldn't allow him to try something else with her.

That's why he was traumatised as he watched in horror the way his babe was "giving it" to that Youth Corper as if her life depended on it.

Anyway, below is the lesson I want you to take away from the story (PAY ATTENTION).

"This home-wrecking,  heartless Corper obviously knew how to get into the "woman's head" and bring out the "gangster" in her. 

And that's something our sweet , dear brother didn't know how to do."

Similarly, the same audience that was branded cold and unresponsive by other marketers,

the ones they called broke and non-buyers,

will react differently to your offer if you adhere to the rules of the four pillars outlines above.

The same leads. The same audience.

But you'll get different reactions.

To see how to bring out the "gangster" in tiny audiences, click to class four of the training,

that's where you will find all the heavyweight templates for creating consistent persuasive contents that seduces people to buy from you again and again.

About The Training: Small Audience Rich Gang (SARG)

The reason SARG was created is to destroy a paralysing fear that a lot of marketers have.

And that fear is the notion that unless they have tens of thousands of email subs or social media followers, they won't make it big online.

For a very-very-very long time, my followers on FB weren't more than 1,400, yet I was milking millions from that tiny "friend list" month after month.

It's like they say: "A car might look small, yet have a big, fast and powerful engine".

In the same way, your audience might be small, but you can acquire the skill, talent and capacity to pull huge sums of money out of them consistently.

And exactly how-to-do-that is what you'll find as you go through the different segments of the SARG training.


Class 1 - My Simple Tactics That Will Make You Appear Reliable to Your Audience Quickly and Easily.

The lessons in this class tackles the fundamental problem of lack of trust that most marketers suffer from.

(Which is the bedrock of why nobody or very few people buy their offers).

The class consists of six quick videos and six tiny reports.

The lessons in class one include:

1. The one tactic you need to know if you plan to deliver "superior" value that generates trust from any audience.

2. How to use my HIDDEN tactic to stay authentic and gain anyone’s trust (even if they don’t like you).

3. A unique method for responding to comments that helps build strong bonds and trust with your audience quickly. You'll discover what it is all about in this class

4. This is the biggest reason why an audience will find it difficult to trust you. But with this one quality, they can give you their last dime without having an iota of distrust. You’ll discover what this quality is in this class.

5. Discover the 'shortest cut' to build trust with any audience 'overnight'.

6. Discover how one unique quality of love can help you garner trust from your audience - It works like a charm and makes people fall in love with you and your brand at first sight.

In this class, I exposed my unique secret techniques for manufacturing trust.

‘Cos, without trust, nothing you do online works.

Note: Pay attention to the tiny reports. They cover extra details.

Class 2 - How to Unearth the Desires of Your Audience

In class two, you will discover how to unearth the deepest desires of your audience like a psychic, knowing exactly what they're dying to buy.

It has a total of six short videos and four tiny reports, all exposing my secrets for knowing what an audience wants so as to deliver precisely what they want to buy (THIS WILL BOOST YOUR SALES).

The lessons in class two include:

1. How to read your audience’s mind and give them exactly what they want - using my HIDDEN  tactic that works every time.

2. Vital indices that give you insight and help in understanding your audience’s true needs - and how to use these to connect with them on a deeper level.

3. How to analyse your audience’s sentiment and mood - and how to use it to influence their behaviour - it works like magic.

4. How to adapt to your audience needs with pinpoint accuracy - using my secret tactic that makes them feel like you know them personally.

5. How to conduct a practical research session that delivers actionable insights - using my secret tactic that cuts through the noise, saves you time and money

Note: Pay attention to the tiny reports. They cover extra details.

Class 3 - The Anatomy Of Persuasion.

In this class, we discussed sublime persuasion tactics and how to use them optimally.

This class consists of three volumes.

Volume one talks about the anatomy of persuasion.

Volume two (consists of 9 lessons) and  they're all about "human weaknesses" and how to exploit them ethically.

Volume three consists of my eight newly invented persuasive content-creating frameworks.


1. The Sucker Punch Method

2. The Flexi Gum Writing Style

3. The Freshener Content Writer Style

4. The Compass Persuasive Framework

5. The Unorthodox Solution Writing Theme

6. The Adam's Guilt Method

7. The Social Accountability Framework for Short Hot Posts

8. The Transformational Persuasion Blueprint

That's not all.

Volume three contains two more persuasion instruments.

They are:

9. Fotizo's Attention Capture Script

10. Fotizo's Flow Connector

Class 4 - The Content Creation Helpmate

Merely knowing how to create persuasive content isn't enough.

You absolutely must push out such content consistently, or else face unpleasant consequences.

The key to having committed, repeated buyers lies in a secret called "indoctrination".

And to indoctrinate, your messaging must be constant and persistent.

But it's a known fact that delivering interesting, exciting and persuasive posts "regularly" is very difficult.

That's why in this Class, we offer knowledge tools that makes the process of pushing out daily persuasive content easy.

The Class has three volumes.

In Volume One you will discover:

1. My HIDDEN Magnetic Content Angles and Ideas That Get People Glued

2. My HIDDEN Hack to Get Your Content Juice Flowing Non-Stop

3. My HIDDEN Conversation Starting Tactic for Getting Personal With My Audience

4. Hacks for Making People Stop Scrolling When They See Your Content.

In Volume Two You will discover:

1. My HIDDEN Tactic for Writing Impactful Daily Emails.

2. My HIDDEN Tactic for Writing Effective Cold Emails.

In Volume Three You Will Discover:

1. Offer Creation Mechanics

2. My HIDDEN Tactics For Making Huge Impact With a Small Audience

3. How to Build Huge Income Bridges


Please This is Not Part of The Training.

Now, apart from all what you'll gain from the SARG training, here's something else I believe will benefit you immensely.

Here's what I mean.

I am a very busy person, I don’t have time to babysit anyone.

None of my previous training has a group where I spoon-fed students.

But this time, I want to make an exception.

I want to spoon-feed you.

I will take the first 200 persons to join this training into a private telegram group where I will pop in to answer questions and give exclusive practical advice periodically.

When I say only 200, I mean it.

I am very selfish with my time and knowledge.

That’s why I charge a premium fee for personal access.

Just to put this in context, I charge $2,000 for a one-on-one consultation of 3 hrs and $10,000 to write sales letters (That’s if I like you).

So, to have access to me personally is expensive, and that’s partly what you stand to enjoy if you are lucky enough to be in this group.

Note: I’ll only be available to give premium advice and critiques in this private group for the next 30 days.

If you are not part of the aforementioned group, you'll miss out on great exclusive insights, no doubt.

But all is not lost.

You can always get in touch with my support team if you have any questions concerning any part of the training you don’t seem to understand.

My support team will take good care of you.


You'll as a rare bonus, get my notes and commentary on four important books that have shaped my understanding of "persuasion, human nature, sales and copywriting" through the years.

The Featured Books

Secret Book 1

The first book talks about human nature. Digging into what shapes us and what triggers human decisions.

Secret Book 2

The second book talks about how to structure a copy so it always gets you results.

Secret Book 3

The third book talks about how to increase your sales using simple tactics that always works

Secret Book 4

The forth books talks about hypnosis and how to use it to get results in life and business

Fully Backed by our 30 Days Refund Guarantee


30 days

Money back

Terms and condition: Within 30 days from the day of purchase, If you do not  find everything listed on this page in the training and you brought it to our attention and within seven working days, we were unable to provide you with the listed items, then you are entitled to a refund. 


Tony Fotizo

Hi, I am Tony Fotizo. They call me the Dangote of sales copywriting .  

Promise Ohaneje...When I implemented what I learnt from Tony, my sales went bananas.

Kelechi Ogbonna...Your writings make me afraid. Are you a human being or one of those gods that our four fathers served? Why did you come back? Maybe to help people like me

Chinazor Duruji...Gaddamit! If Chinua Achebe was to be a copywriter, this would be it. I subscribed to many email lists, but, mehn, none of them come close...

Moses Uche...Mr Tony Fotizo, You're Good... No cap!

Adetayo Adeolu...You are a copywriting bandit, always taking us hostage with your copies.

Mo Billionaire Yussuf...Baba, you are the true boss of this copywriting game

Unozo Dabere Ifechi...When I call you the god of copywriting, I am not joking.

Michael Obiekwe...Fotizo is the GOAT of copies.

Xaro Faze... The king of copy ✊????

Dee Cole...Officially you are the best copywriter in Nigeria.

Kachi Chimaroke...The god of Copywriting, I hail thee!!!