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Tony Fotizo

How to Get Access to Your Purchase

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Fill in your name and email into the form below.

The name you will fill "MUST" match that in your payment method.

If it doesn't match, that means I wouldn't be able to verify that you have paid.


When you fill in your names and email below, it will take you to my Google drive ( on the next page ).

On the Google Drive page you will be required to "REQUEST ACCESS".

You must click on that 'blue request access"  button to request access.

SEND ME PROOF OF PAYMENT ( if you haven't done it yet)

I need, debit alert, receipts, etc.  Send it to

After I verify that you have paid ...(which means that the name you filled in the box below matched with that of your payment proof and receipts)....

Then, I will grant you ACCESS.

PS: I grant access in less than 15mins. Except at night. 

Fill Your Name and Email then Click on "Access Now"

NOTE: On the next page (you will find a Google Drive folder). Click on the "Blue Request Access" Button to get access.