How Anyone Can Earn "FREE" Money Online  LEGALLY, Every Single Month.


Well, basically, you'll do a specific task "JUST ONCE", after Which You'll Start Earning a FREE Monthly Salary Without Ever Working Again... GUARANTEED!

With this strategy, it's impossible not to make money. In fact, I’ll pay you N200,000 “cash”, as an apology fee, if you follow this strategy and don't make money. That's how confident I am about this method.

Tony Fotizo-Best Copywriter in nigeria



You can earn hundreds of thousands.

You can earn N70k , N50k , N20k, N90k.

You can earn millions.

You can earn whatever you want to earn.

You're in full control.

I'll explain.

It's like planting orange trees.


Let's say one orange tree can produce 500 orange fruits.

If you need 2000 orange fruits, what would you do?

Plant four orange trees, right?

Well, it's exactly the same thing with this "secret income machines".

if you want to make "more" money from this business?

You simply build "more" secret income machines.

And you're only required to build your secret income machines "once".

After you build them, they'll start spitting out cash for you non-stop, monthly.

But can ANYONE create and run this business?


Anyone can.

However, you'll need to follow a "particular" blueprint.

The Blueprint is "Worth" At Least Twenty Million Naira.

When you follow this blueprint, dollars will pursue you non-stop.

And even after you leave this world, your kids will continue "eating" from your secret income machines.

The money never stops coming.

That is the nature of this business.

And as you keep reading, you'll understand why this business works this way.

Things You Must know

Hi, I'm Tony Ogunde also known as "Tony Fotizo".

I'm the ugly bearded guy in the pic above.

I am not Davido.

So, you may not know who I am.

And that's okay.

But in my business sector, I'm a little bit "famous". ?

I am known as the "celebrity" copywriter of Nigeria.

Many of my die-hard "fans" are seasoned Internet marketers.

You might even know some of them.

Take a Look

Toyin Omotosho

Tony Fotizo is the first ever Nigerian copywriter I paid to help me write copy. 

The man is a persuasion machine!

Andy Mukolo

Tony Fotizo is the serpent that persuaded Eve to eat that apple. 

Now, he roams the earth as a seven-figure Copywriter operating out of Nigeria.

Jonathan Melody

The man Fotizo is not regular

He takes Copywriting a Step further.

Waju Abraham

In all my years of copywriting, I have never ever hired anybody to write sales copy for me until I met Tony Fotizo.

He is not a copywriter, he's an hypnotics.

Dennis Isong 

The man... You are badass.

Promise Ohaneje

When I implemented what I learnt from Tony, my sales went bananas.

Moses Uche

 Mr Tony Fotizo You're Good... No cap! ?

Mo Bilionaire Yussuf 

Baba you are the true boss of this copywriting game

Dapo Alimi aka Broda Dapo

 I am thinking of how I'm going to harvest Tony Fotizo' brain without killing him.

MK Akan (Mkpouto Usua)

Tony Fotizo has the ability to write stories that captivates and compel people to buy stuff.

Every time he writes a post, I am forced to read it.

Why Are These Gentle Men Singing My Praise?

Usually, Nigerians only say good things about you after you die.

So why is my case different?

I am not so sure.

Maybe they are just "hyping me" because they are scared of my ugly face.

Or maybe I am truly "the special one" when it comes to copywriting.

Who knows? 

But that's Beside the POINT.

The point is, people usually assume that I make most of my income from sales copywriting.

You want to know the TRUTH?

My biggest income stream comes from my "secret income machines".

That's what pay my bills.

Why am I Telling You this?

Well, it's because you can easily setup the same business right now.

 And  "it" will start paying your bills too.

Once you set "it" up, your job is done.

After that, you can cross your legs and start collecting your free monthly salary like I do.

? There are no running cost.

? No hidden fees.

? This is not forex trading.

? No FB Ads required.

? This is not affiliate marketing.

? No landing pages to create.

? It's not network marketing, no upline or downline needed.

? No follow up calls , SMS or emails  required

You wouldn't have to worry about any of these stuff.

Your job is to enjoy.

That's because....

Owning a "Secret Income Machine" could  be likened to owning a few Uber taxis?

Here's what I mean;

If you own a few Uber taxis, you can sit at home and watch TV all day.

You could stay in bed, cling to your partner and make babies all day ? ? ?.

While your taxi drivers are out there, working hard round the clock and stockpiling cash into your bank account.

Your "Secret Income Machine"
works exactly the same way.

The only differences here is that...

It'll cost you tens of millions of Naira to own and MAINTAIN a few Uber taxis.

On the other hand...

The cost of creating your "secret income machines" is less than the price of a poorly manufactured China phone.


With your own "secret income machines" , ... can make far more money, monthly, compared to someone who actually invested millions of Naira in an Uber taxi business.

And I mean that in the most literal sense.

In other words...

Your start up capital is like an ant
but your gains are in the size of elephants.

And like I have been saying...

Once you set up this biz, you can go to sleep , with the assurance that every month from now, your new revenue stream will keep flooding your account with free cash.

Next, I'll show you examples of the kind of money you could be making, monthly from your secret income machines.


Note: All the figures are in US Dollars.

So kindly multiply them with the current exchange rate of N500+ per Dollar.






How to Set up Your Secret Income Machines?

For your easy comprehension , permit me to take it step by step.

Kindly read the rest of this post slowly, so you don't miss a thing.

For starters, what's the "Secret Income Machine" all about?

ANSWER: It is a newly discovered "unique twist" for running an "AUTOMATED" book publishing business that completely eliminates the six biggest obstacles  so that you can earn a free monthly salary, legally, every month.

You won't find this information elsewhere on the net.

I invented this "unique twist".

Here's What This "INVENTION" Will Do For YOU

If you attempt to run an online book publishing business without my "unique twist" , you will face the following obstacles.

1. You have to be a very good writer to succeed.

However, not everybody can write well.

Even those who spend years in universities studying to become writers, still fail at it.

If trained writers end up as failed authors, then what hope does the rest of us have?

2. You might decide to hire ghost writers to write your books for you.

(However, even a quack ghost writer will charge you as  high as N100k per book).

It is very expensive, especially when you consider the next step .

3. To make good money from digital book publishing, you need to write a lot of books and you need to write them quickly.

And if you were to write these books yourself, It could take several months or years to complete one or two "good" books.

Now imagine how long it will take you to write 20 , 30 , 50 or 100 books.

It might take five to ten years or even more.

This is one of the many reasons why most authors are struggling to make ends meet.

They are unable to produce the number of books required to generate the type of income they want.

4. You can't make money from online book publishing if you don't  "write books" on topics that are “profitable”.

Many authors wish they knew the topics that will make them rich.

But sadly, they don't.

Can you tell which topic will be profitable and which won't?

If you can't tell then you'll surely fail.

5. You need to pay graphic designers to help you create premium looking book covers. Good designers charge premium fees.

Imagine how much you would have to fork out to get ten or twenty professionally designed book covers.

It will cost you a fortune.


6. You'll need some big "advert money" to promote your books.

I know some authors who spend as much as $1000 just to promote a single book.

Yet, there's no guarantee that they will make that money back.

So imagine how much you would have to risk if you were to promote ten to twenty books.

I call these the "6BO"

These are the "six biggest obstacles" that make online book publishing hard and unprofitable.

But with my "unique twist" , these obstacles will be deleted and the whole process will be "automated".

And once you do that , your autopilot free monthly income has been secured.


What is the "unique twist" ?

It is the "methodology" required to create abpm3.0 books.

An abpm3.0 book is a unique book that is "immune" to the six biggest obstacles that make online book publishing hard and unprofitable.

A pack of fifty abpm3.0 books make up one "Secret Income Machine".

Abpm3.0 books are not normal books.

What Makes These Books Different?

Well, this is where things get really interesting.

For starters, you don't have to write these books yourself.

I mean, you don't have to "write anything" or be a "writer" to produce your abpm3.0 books.

And shockingly, you don't need to pay anyone to write these books for you either.

My point is, no writing required, period.

Keep reading, that's not all.

Do you want to know how to create your abpm3.0 Books?

Well, That's the easiest part.

In the ABPM3.0 business blueprint, you will find multiple simplified "secret tactics" for manufacturing "contents" that you will use to formulate your abpm3.0 books.

These never-seen-before content manufacturing secrets will help you get limitless materials that you will use to easily create as many abpm3.0 books as you want, pretty quickly.

And this was why I said you don't have to write a single word of these books yourself.

You don't need to pay ghostwriters either.

I hope this is clear?

How to Make Sure Your abpm3.0 book is profitable.

It is important to note that just having the ability to automatically produce a lot of books won't make you rich.

You must know what category of books people are "addicted" to buying.

This is why knowing which topics to create a book about becomes your one-way-ticket to a big, autopilot, monthly income lifestyle.

So, How Would I Know Which Topics to Focus On For a Big Passive Income?

The answer to this question is obviously a "secret".

If it were not so, then, many author would have been stinking rich.

But sadly, that's not the case.

Many are broke.

But you won't have that problem.

This is because, inside the ABPM3.0 business blueprint , you will find special software.

These software act as "mind readers of some sort"

You can call them "digital prophets."

These software will reveal and show you topics that people are frantically interested in.

I am talking about secret hidden topics that people are addictively, and eagerly willing to read about.

And with these topics now in your possession, you can then easily create books that people are dying to buy and read.

What This Means Is That Your Abpm3.0 Books Will Be in Demand.

And just like that, this is how your "secret income machines" will start generating big cash for you, monthly.

But that's not all.

Guess What?

Due to the fact that I have been in this business for a long time, I now have a large collection of topics that are proven money makers.

And I added this large collection of topics to the ABPM3.0 business blueprint.

What this means is that you will have more than enough profitable topics to kick start your "secret income machines" business from day one.

There's More

Now, let's imagine that at this point, you have used the "unique twist to instantly produce a lot of books, ....

.... and the books are all based on addictive topics that will make you a lot of money.

So, What's Next

Well, you are almost at the promised land.

There are just three steps left to cover.

One: Marketing.

Two: The X factor.

Three: Book Covers

We will take them one after the other

First, we will address...

How to Market Your ABPM3.0 Business So it becomes massively Profitable?

Now, please, focus.

Here's another shocker....

"When it comes to your ABPM3.0 books, you don't need to worry about any marketing cost."

And Here's Why

"Your ABPM3.0 books have the ability to sell themselves without any form of promotion."

Surprise , surprise, right?

Have you ever heard of books that sell by themselves? Maybe not.

But, that's just one of the special components of the ABPM3.0 business Blueprint.

AND, this great "feat" is only possible because of the x-factor.

What's The X-Factor?

The x-factor is a latent combination of some deep psychological triggers that push people to buy your books once they read your book titles.

Your x-factor book titles will catch their eye as they browse through the online bookstore where your books are listed, and they’ll be hooked.

They will instantly feel a strong desire pulling them to buy your books.

And since this is usually the case, ...

....your only job then is to sit, cross your legs, and collect your pay every month, while the X-factor does the hard job of selling your books for you.

What About Book Covers?

Don't worry about that either.

There is a software for that as well.

In less than ten minutes, your book cover is ready after pushing a few buttons.

A Quick Recap

This is how the ABPM3.0 business model works.

Step one:

You will put some books together.

Hint:  Fifty abpm3.0 books ( is equal to one secret income machine).

And since you are getting the contents for free, without writing them yourself,  you should be able to complete as many books as you want very quickly.

Step two:

You will upload these books to a few publishing sites that you will find in the ABPM3.0 business blueprint.

After you upload these books, your work is done.

When your books have been approved and listed, you will start receiving autopilot income every month from your abpm3.0 book sales.

Like I said in the beginning of this letter, you'll do the work "once" ,then you can disappear into thin air.

"This is because your continuous "effort" is not needed for your secret income machines to be highly profitable.

Your ABPM3.0 Business is a "Set and Forget" Money Maker.

And another beautiful part is that you can increase how much you earn at will.

If you want to increase your monthly earnings, all you need to do is upload more abpm3.0 books.

It is that simple.

So, What SKILL is Required to DO This Business?

The skill you need is your ability to READ.

This is because you'll need to read every piece of content that you want to use to formulate your books.

You need to read it so that if the content is not of great value, you can discard it.

Or you can re-purpose , edit , correct and rearrange such content so it can be beneficial to those who will buy and read your abpm3.0 books.

So the only "skill" you require is your ability to read.

Please take note: I strongly recommend that you have access to a "computer".

Because , using a phone to build your secret income machine might be a little bit stressful.

I hate stress, so I use a computer for this business.

How Much Will It Cost to Setup YOUR Secret Income Machines?

I will answer that question in a bit.

HOWEVER, in my humble opinion, that's not the most important question.

I think the most important question should be, "is there any guarantee that I can make any money from this business?"

This ? question need to be answered first.

Or, wouldn't you love to know that any money you invest in acquiring the ABPM3.0 Business Blueprint is refundable?

I don't know about you, but if I were in you shoes, I would love to know this.

So, let's address that part right away.

My 400% Refund Guarantee

If you follow the ABPM3.0 business blueprint as explained and you didn't make any money from this business, I will personally refund you four times the amount you invested in acquiring the ABPM3.0 Business Blueprint.

It is that simple. No argument.

Every other business has *risk factors.

But not this one.

With this business, it's either you "make money" or you "make money".

You can't lose, you are backed by my N200,000 refund guarantee.

I will provide you with a link to the full terms and condition regarding my rock-solid "refund policy" at the end of this letter (look out for it).

Now, See the Biggest Revelation below

To start an ABPM3.0 business you don't need up to N2M.

You don't even need up to N1.5M

Or N1M.

Rather, the full price of the blueprint and the needed software is N600k only.

However, if you're among the first ten persons to grab the ABPM3.0 business blueprint today 16th April 2024, you will get a 75% discount.

Which means that you'll get everything you need to set up your own abpm3.0 business for a one-time fee of N150k.

No extra cost needed.

AND from the earning samples posted above, I guess you already saw the type of money you could be making monthly from your own secret income machines, if you follow the ABPM3.0 blueprint?

We Are talking about the possibility Of Bringing home hundreds of thousands, and in some Cases millions of Naira in monthly revenue, handsfree, on autopilot.

Honestly, do you know any other business, that you would start with just N150k, that could pay you top dollars on autopilot, every month?

A business where you can stop working but money will keep hitting your account monthly?

Honestly, I haven't seen any other business like this one.

That is why I am bold enough to offer you a N200,000 refund guarantee.

I repeat; with this business, It's either you "make money" or you "make money".

Zero risks but Huge gains.

 To access the ABPM3.0 Blueprint right now, click on the blue button below.

Follow the blueprint and build yourself a dependable secret income machine.

And like me , you can start experiencing the peace of mind  of having a secret income machine that generates money for you while you're busy "ENJOYING YOUR LIFE".

God has done His part by leading you
to discover His "Blessing" in the form of "the ABPM3.0 business Blueprint".

But it's up to you to either accept or reject God's blessing.

I don't believe you just landed on this page by accident.

YOU Found This PAGE for A REASON.

I may be wrong, but I guess you must have been praying for God to bless you with extra income.

And by devine providence, here you are, face to face with an opportunity to earn a free salary of your choice, every month.

Now, is there a sensible reason why you shouldn't grab this opportunity right away?  

The only reason would be if you think you don't deserve to earn more money.

Who knows, maybe you don't deserve to earn more money.

Or maybe you do.

Only you know for sure.


The tools needed to run your ABPM3.0 business will cost you N450k. 

But you can get these tools for FREE ( for 60 days ), if you're among the first ten persons to grab the ABPM3.0 business blueprint today 16th April 2024.

But If you are not among the first ten Persons , it's not the end of the world

It  only means you would have to cough out the sum of N600k to set up this business.  

N150k for the ABPM3.0 biz blueprint and 450k for the tools. 

But even at that, 600k is still a small investment compared to the type of money you can quickly start making MONTHLY from your own Secret Income Machines, soon.

But on the other hand, why would you want to cough out N500k, when you can just get both the blueprint and the tools for only N150k right now?

All you have to do is to be among the First TEN PERSONS to get the ABPM3.0 business blueprint today 16th April 2024.

Click the blue button below to see if you can still access the blueprint for only N150k at this time.

Hopefully, we'll get to work together.

I am looking forward to that.


Tony Fotizo

Tony Fotizo



PS: If your money stops coming because you stopped working, then you can never be rich.

Here's what I mean.

One day, you might fall sick. You could lose your job. Your business could hit the rocks.

And there won’t be an income because you stopped working?

Don't you see the danger in that?

This won't only affect you; it will affect everyone who depends on you.

Your pride, ego and self-worth will be bruised.

When that day comes, you will either regret not creating your secret income machine now or you will be glad you did.

All you have to do is to be among the First TEN PERSONS to get the ABPM3.0 business blueprint today 16th April 2024.

Click the blue button below to see if you can still access the blueprint for only N150k at this time.