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"My Superior ABPM3.0

 Online Book Publishing 

SECRET Method Exposed"

Because Of This Unique

Method I am Able to Earn a

Monthly Salary Online,

 "Without Working"


...And  If You Keep Reading, You Will See How  Possible it is For Almost Anyone to Use This Method to Earn a Living Every Month Like I do.

I am Tony  "Fotizo" Ogunde

"Fotizo, Did You Just Say  That  it is

Possible to Make Money, Online,

Monthly "Without Working?"

Yes I did.

And it is %100 legal.

But,  please don't misunderstand me.


Kindly note ? , I am not promising that you can become rich overnight.

This isn't a magic wand.

This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme or neither is it a Ponzi.

Spoiler alert: There will be some initial "work" involved at the "beginning".

BUT, you are only required to 

do the "work"  just once.... 

I repeat, "just once".

....after which you can start earning royalties, monthly, without  ever working on  "the business" again.

Wondering how this is possible?

Read the next section for details..

 How Does ABPM3.0 Work ?

In many ways,  this business could be likened to owning a few Uber taxis.

For example:

If you own two or three Uber taxis, you can seat in your house watching Tv all day, doing absolutely "no work", ...

...while your taxis are out there, working hard, stuffing cash into your bank account, while you're busy enjoying your life.


***Well, the business model I am talking about, 

works exactly the same way.***

The only differences here is that...

1. To own a few Uber taxis can cost you tens of millions of Naira.

2. But to start the business I am talking about, cost less than the price of a good Tecno phone.

?Yet, this low-cost, and easy-to-setup business is generating more money for me, more than what I would have been making if I had invested tens of millions in acquiring multiple Uber taxis.?

This ? is why I love this unique business model so much.

As someone who doesn't  like the stress of running back and forth, hustling hard for money day and night, this business is just a perfect fit for me.

Once I set it up, I can go to sleep , knowing that every month from now on, a sure revenue stream has just been created once and for all.

 I will be showing you a few earning proof very soon, because as they say, (seeing is believing).

But first, I want to remind you again

 that : This is a set-and-forget business model.

Meaning, once you set it up the way I will show you, your job is done (once and for all).

Your continuous  effort is not needed for it to work.

What this means is that the business will keep earning revenue whether you're playing, sleeping or busy with other things.


Note: All the figures are in US Dollars.

So kindly multiply them with the current exchange rate of  N480 per Dollar. 

By the way these earning proof were sent in by a few of my past students.

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

Example #4

Example #5

IS THIS  NOT  What they call


Yes, this is what financial experts call "passive income".

Passive income is the type of

money you earn without working.

And this was exactly what Billionaire Warren Buffett meant when he said...

“If you don't find a way to make money 

while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

That was why I had to created my own ABPM3.0 passive online book publishing business.

 God forbid ; I don't want to work until I die.

And neither should you.

How Can I Set up This New Business? 



As you may have already guessed, the name of this business is called (ABPM3.0)  or Auto Book Pay Method 3.0. 

 This is a unique twist to online book publishing that  cut away the six common obstacles that causes people to fail.

Not just that, this unique twist also makes online book publishing highly profitable.

Here is what I mean.

Normally,  if you want to make money from online book publishing, you have to do the following.

1. You have to know what topics to write about that will fetch you money. 

One of the main reason many authors are not rich is because they write on topics that nobody is interested in.

2. You have to be a good writer.

The problem is that not everybody can write well.

People spend years in the universities to learn how to become writers, yet they still fail because writing is hard work.

3. Some people pay other people to write their books for them 

(An average ghost writer will charge you N100k per book).

It is very expensive, especially when you consider the next step ?.

4.  To make good money from online book publishing, you need to write a lot of books and you need to write them quickly. 

Sometimes it can take several months or years to write one good book. 

Now imagine how long it will take you to write 5 , 10 , 20  , 30 or 50 books.

It might take  five to ten years or even more.

This is one major factor why most authors are struggling to make ends meet.

They are unable to produce the number of books required to generate the type of income they want.

5. You need to pay graphic designers to help you create book covers.


6. You'll need a solid  "advert money" to promote your books.

I call these  "the 6CO" ; six common obstacles that make online book publishing hard and unprofitable. 

But with my unique ABPM3.0 twist, I have been to cut off these six common obstacles that cause people to fail.

And  I have been able to use the abpm3.0 method to create a profitable online book publishing business in no time.

I don't have two heads. 

With the right training, I believe any average joe can be success in this business. If they are focused and willing.

The possibilities are endless if they would learn how to create "abpm3.0 books".

More on this below.




How do you create an abpm3.0 book?

We will look into that soon.

But first, if at this point you are still wondering where your monthly income will  be coming from,  then let me state it clearly here: ...


..."your monthly earnings will come 

from  your"abpm3.0 book sales".


An abpm3.0 book is a unique book that is "immune" to  the six common obstacles that make online book publishing hard and unprofitable. 

Abpm3.0 books are not normal books.



 What Makes These

Books Different?



Well, this is where things get really interesting.


For starters, you don't have to write these books yourself.


I mean, you don't have to "write anything"  or be  a "writer" to  product your abpm3.0 books.


And shockingly, you don't need to pay anyone to write these books for you either.


My point is, no writing

required, period.


Keep reading, there is more.

So, How Will I Create 

My abpm3.0 Books?


That's  the easiest part.


In  the ABPM3.0 business blueprint, you will find multiple simplified "secret tactics" for generating "contents" that you will use to formulate your books.


These never-seen-before content generation secrets will help you get limitless materials that you will use to effortlessly create as many books as you want.


And this was why I said you don't have to write a single word of these books yourself.

You don't need to pay ghostwriters either.


I hope this is clear? 

If it is, then let move on to the next step.



How to Make Sure Your

abpm3.0 book is profitable



It is important to note that just having the ability to automatically produce a lot of books won't make you rich.


You must know what category of books people are "addicted" to buying.


This is why knowing which topics to create a book about becomes your one-way-ticket to a big, autopilot, monthly income lifestyle.



So, How Would I Know Which Topics to

Focus On For a Big Passive Income?



The answer to this question is obviously a "secret" to many authors.


If it were not so, then, many author would have been extremely rich.

But sadly that's  not the case.

And that is because most of them are oblivious of the "topics" that can make them super rich.

But you won't have that problem.


This is because inside the ABPM3.0 business blueprint , you will find a few special software.


These software act as a "mind reader of some sort"


Or you can call them  "digital prophets."


These software will help you find topics that people are frantically interested in. 

I am talking about secret hidden topics that people are addictively, and eagerly willing to read about.


And with these topics now in your possession, you can then easily create books that people are dying to buy and read.

What This Means Is That

Your Books Will Be in Demand.

And just like that ,this is how your ABPM3.0 biz can generate good royalties for you.

But that's not all.

Guess what?

Due to the fact that I have been in this business for a long time, I now have a large collection of topics that are proven money makers.

And I added this large collection of topics to the  ABPM3.0 business blueprint.

What this means is that you will have more than enough profitable topics to kick start your ABPM3.0 business from day one.

But that is not all.

There is more.

Now, let's imagine that at this point, you have used the ABPM3.0 tactics to instantly produce a lot of books, ....

.... and the books are all based on addictive topics that will make you a lot of money.

So, what's next?

Well, you are almost at the promised land.

There are just three steps left to cover.

One: Marketing.

Two: The X factor.

Three: Book Covers

We will take them one after the other

First, we will address...

How to Market Your ABPM3.0 Business

So it becomes  massively Profitable?

Now, please, focus. ?‍?

Don't forget what I am about to tell you now.

"When it comes to your ABPM3.0 books, you don't need to worry about any marketing cost."

And here's why.

"Your ABPM3.0 books have the ability to sell themselves without any form of promotion."

Surprise , surprise, right?

Have you ever heard of books that sell by themselves? Maybe not.

BUT, that's  just one of the special components of the ABPM3.0 business model.

AND, this great "feat" is only possible because of the x-factor.

What  is The X-Factor?

The x-factor is a potent combination of some deep psychological triggers that push people to buy your books once they read your book titles.

As customers scroll through the list of books in the online bookstore where your books are listed, and their eyes fall on your book titles, game over.

They will instantly feel  a strong  desire to buy your books.

And since this is the case, ...

....your only job then is to sit, cross your legs, and collect your pay every month, while the X-factor does the hard job of selling your books for you.

What About Book Covers?

Don't worry about that either.

There is a software for that as well.

In less than ten minutes, your cover book is read after pushing a few buttons.

A Quick Recap

This is how the ABPM3.0 business model works.

Step one.

You will put some books together.

Hint: to achieve success in this business, you should have at least fifty books ( the more books you have, the better).

And since you are getting the contents for free, without writing them yourself, or paying for them, you should be able to complete as many books as you want very quickly, without stress.

Step two.

You will upload these books to a few publishing sites that you will find in the ABPM3.0 business blueprint.

After you upload the books,

your work is done.

When your books have been approved and listed, you will start receiving autopilot income every month from your book sales.

Like I said in the beginning of this letter, you'll do the work once ,then you can disappear into thin air.

This is because your continuous "effort" is not needed for your ABPM3.0 business to be highly profitable.

Your ABPM3.0 business is a "set and forget." income-generating-machine ( never forget this).

And another beautiful part is that you

can increase how much you earn at will.

If you want to increase your monthly earnings, all you need to do is upload more books.

It is that simple.

 So Who Can Do This Business?

Anybody "who can read" can do it.

But I strongly recommend that you have access to a laptop.

Using a phone can be stressful.

The only skill needed is  

your ability to read.

This is because you'll need to read every piece of content that you want to use to formulate your books.

You need to read it so that if the content is not of great value, you can discard it.

Or you can re-purpose , edit , correct and rearrange such content so it can be beneficial to those who will buy  and read your books.

Therefore, your ability to read "simple English" is all the skill you require to run an ABPM3.0 business.

How Much Will It Cost to Setup

My Own ABPM3.0 Business?

I will tell you the cost.

HOWEVER, in my opinion, that's not the most important question.

I think the most important question should be; .... "Mr Fotizo, is there any guarantee that I can make any money from this business?" 

This ? question need to be answered first.

Or, wouldn't you love to  know that any money you invested in training for the abpm3.0 business is refundable?

I don't know about you, but if I were in you shoes, I would love to know this.

So, let's address that part right away. 

My 200% Guarantee

If you follow the ABPM3.0 business blueprint as explained and you didn't make any money from this business, I will personally refund you twice the amount you invested in acquiring the ABPM3.0 Business Blueprint.

It is that simple. No argument.

And for clarity sake, I will provide you with more details about my rock-solid "refund policy" at the end of of this letter. (look out for it).

Now, See the Biggest 

Revelation below.

To start an ABPM3.0 business you don't need up to N1M.

You don't even need up to N750k

Or 550k

....rather, for a limited time only, you can get everything you need to set up your own abpm3.0 business for a temporal price of N50k.

No extra cost needed. 

AND from the earning proof posted above, I guess you already saw the type of money others are making from their own ABPM3.0 business, monthly?

We are talking about hundreds of thousands, and in some cases, millions of Naira in monthly revenue.

Frankly, do you know any other business out there, that you can start with just N50,000, that can make the type of money an average ABPM3.0 generates  monthly?

Honestly, I haven't seen any other business like this one.

This is almost like working at Chevron or Mobile, but with zero qualification and without having any high level connection.

Click on the blue button below and get the  ABPM3.0 Business Blueprint .

 So that you can begin building for yourself a passive income business like the one Warren Buffet talked about.

I am hopeful that very soon you will share your testimony too.

The Almighty God in His infinite mercy has done His part by leading you to discover the ABPM3.0 business model today.

I am saying this because if you believe in God, you would have long realized that God always lead his children to the right places at the right time.

God knew that this day would

come. In His Devine providence, He

allowed you to discover the  abpm3.0  

business model for a reason.

God has done His part.

But  if you don't do your part, there won't be any abpm3.0 passive income for you in the coming months.

Usually , the best things in life  come our way  when we least "expect" it.

That explains  why many people miss out on the golden opportunities God bring their way.

And assuming you choose not to strike right now while the iron is hot, you would have missed out on yet another golden opportunity. 

Anyways,  before you go ahead and get for the ABPM3.0 blueprint, I'll strongly advise that you quickly read both my FAQ and Refund Policy below. It is very important.


The tools needed to run the ABPM3.0 business cost N450k.

You will only get these tools for FREE ( for the next 3 months), if you are among the First 9 PERSONS to get the ABPM3.0 business blueprint today.

If you are not among the first

9 persons today , it is not my fault.

It  only means you will have to drop the sum of N500k to set up this business. That is, 50k for the ABPM3.0 biz blueprint and 450k for the tools.

But.... well ....500k is still a small investment compared to the type of money you can quickly start making from your own ABPM3.0 business.

But If I were you, I would try to cut cost by getting in now so I can save N450k.

Or what do you think ?

Anyways, I'll close with this...

...I believe you know what is good for you, so trust your guts and follow your deepest desires.


Thanks for your time.

Tony Fotizo.

Important Disclaimer and Disclosures

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