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The Wedding



Hi, I am Adekola Macaulay.

Let me start by whispering two open secrets into your ears.

Secret #1

"Most men these days don't want to get married at all".

All they want from YOU is "fun."

That is the bitter honest gospel truth.?

Secret #2

"As a lady gets older...

... it  becomes even more difficult to  find a quality man who will want to marry her".

This is not fair. ☹️

I know.

But that is the Situation a lot of Ladies have Found themselves today .

Listen ..  I don't claim to know everything. I am not God.

But I know a few things you can do  , starting today that will...

..cause a lot of men to start  begging to marry you.

It works almost like magic.

But it is not magic.

I call it :  "The Secret Method."

During my years of deep extensive research...

"I discovered that most ladies

find it difficult to get married , 

because they don't understand

how a man's mind operates.."

Once you understand how the mind of a man works , then you can get that man to do almost anything you want.

I mean anything you want...

And that includes "getting him to marry you  very quickly".

I explained everything from A to Z inside The Secret Method  eBook.

I will tell You More

about The Secret Method eBook Later...

But before I do, let me ask you a question...

Have you ever tried any of these...?

? Cook for him..

? Wash his clothes..

? Ride him like a tiger  ?

? Dress sexy for him..

? Give him money..

? Become friends with his family...


And yet , the man in question still disappointed you?

As someone who's done

 extensive research on

"Behavioural Psychology" ,

I know why men 

disappoints women, and  it is  

not what you think.

Every LADY  must finally realise that doing all the things I listed above ? is just like..

..treating the symptoms..

of a sickness without treating

the source of the sickness.

Getting a man to marry you in this Instagram era, requires some deep "emotional intelligence."

If you want a man to see you , fall in love and marry you in a few months  from now..

..then Simply Read Everything I'll Say on this page?

This weekend , a lot of ladies  will get  married, right?

And next weekend more ladies will be dancing to the altar.

Are they better than you?

No, they are not!

Does God love them more than He loves you?

No, He doesn't!

So why are YOU not the ONE getting married then?

I know why.

And it is not your fault at all.

I guess you are yet to meet

a serious guy  or maybe the

one you are with right now, is

not yet ready ?.

Whatever the case may be , the question is...

"what are you going to

do about it?"

Let me tell you what most ladies do.

They will sit still like a statue, wishing and hoping that their situation will change miraculously one day.

But the more they wait , the more they get frustrated.

Do you know why?

"It is because  nothing great

ever happens not until you

mix your faith with the right

Practical Actions"

Now, the next question would be ...

What Practical Actions Can a Woman Take to Make a Man 

Marry Her Quickly?

I have provided you with a step by step plan ..

...that will help you get married in a few months time from now. 

You will find the complete version of this  Practical ACTION plan and step by step guide inside..

"The Secret Method eBook: aka

The Wedding Accelerator Report"

In Africa we love to pray a lot.

And that is a very good thing.

But after you pray , what are the practical actions you must take , so that ..

1. You can attract the right man?

2. You can get this man to propose and marry you fast?

3.  You can get this man to be committed and dedicated to you and only you ?

If YOU want to achieve all these,  then YOU have to learn the following things...

Number One :  you have to learn how to grab and hold the attention of the type of man  you want..

This is very important because.. 

...a lot ladies make a huge mistake when it comes to grabbing and holding a man's attention.

Generally ladies try to do this by dressing sexy  and seductively.

And the problem with using such methods is that it will trigger the part of a man's brain that will stamp "for sex only" on your forehead.

And once you have been filtered into the "for sex only " category , it is almost impossible to get out of it later on.

That is one of the reasons a guy 

can date a woman for five years 

but can never see her as a wife.

It is critical that you learn how to grab and hold a mans attention in the "right way"  from the very beginning. 

So that you don't get filtered into the "for sex only" category.

In The Secret Method eBook, I explained how you can do this successfully.

Number Two: YOU have to learn how to ignite a Lasting 

Burning Desire in a man's heart for you.

Frankly speaking , a lot of good ladies don't know how to get a man to desire them with unquenchable passion.

They simple don't have a clue on how to do that...

Some ladies think they can  create a strong burning desire in guy for them, just by...

... firing  him real hard like a machine in the bedroom.

While other ladies think that by  acting homely...

..and by cooking and cleaning they would be able to create a strong bond with a guy.

But all these methods

don't work anymore. 

You can give a man the "best s*x styles" in the world, cook, clean and wash his cloths everyday and yet..

He will still disappoint you at the end of the day.

So how can a woman solve this PROBLEM? 

All you need to do, is to read and start applying the solutions you will find inside The Secret Method eBook.

When you open the eBook , you will discover how to harmlessly create a strong magnetic vibe with almost any man you desire. 

Once you create a magnetic vibe with a man, he will start seeing YOU as his WIFE and he won't be able to get you off his mind...

...Even if his father, mother, pastor tell him not to marry you - they will just be wasting their time.

Because the man will become hooked on you  like hard drug.

If you would just follow the simple tactics I revealed in my book...

...what I just explain above ? would become your everyday experience.

The Secret Method eBook will show you how to make a man stick to you like super glue and never want to let you go.


 Threeyou  will also have to learn how to SPEEDILY convert your relationship into a wedding and a marriage. 


Most ladies don't have a clue on how they can motivate a guy to
transform from a boyfriend into a husband in a jiffy.

So they nag , complain and threaten the guy with an ultimatum.

It is very common to hear a lady say something like..

"I give you three months to come and see my parents concerning our marriage .If you don't come , I will leave this relationship".

And most times , when a lady puts a guy under pressure in this manner, the guy always finds a way to sneak out of the relationship quietly.

This is why I developed a seamless , tried and trusted method that you can use to get a guy to be very much interested in marrying you SPEEDILY...

...Without wasting your TIME.

.When you apply "The Secret Method" , he would be the one pressurizing you non-stop for marriage. 

That is why I want you to read this book. ?

Well, I have been talking to you for a while now...

And I guess you might be wondering if...

... there are actually ladies who have successfully used The Secret Method to get married before.


Below are a Few Testimonies Sent in by Past Readers Of the Secret Method eBook



job: cosmetologist

3 Yrs after Uni, still jobless.

Mum was feeding me and my two little sisters from selling bread.

Dad was dead.

Over 200 application sent, yet no single reply.

I felt cursed.

My education was a waste of MONEY.

B.Sc in Mass Comm, yet no food on the table.

I felt useless.

My BF was a nice guy, but he didn't have much.

Because of him, I had clothes, creams and I sometimes fixed my hair.

It wasn't his fault that I was broke.

I can't blame another soul for my poverty.

So on this fateful evening I stepped out for the first time.

The next morning, I had N10k in my hands.

I earned it on my back, all night long.

7 days later, my account balance was N50k.

3 Months later, I broke things up with my BF and went into "beast mode".

For four "bitter-sweet" yrs, I spread my legs for strange faces.

Any man who was ready to pay, was allowed to toy with my body.

At 27, I had 2 cars, a lovely flat at a posh estate and a thriving business.

Then, I Retired from the hustle.


Since then, getting a man to marry became a hard rock to crack.

Even when I opened my heart to guys.

They just toyed with my feelings.

And left me sad.

It started to look as if God was punishing me for the choices I made in my past.

But I am born again now.

I have even done deliverance.

I attended church now.

And I prayed a lot.

Instead of things to get better, it only got worse.

No guy was talking to me.

The few that came only wanted to have fun.

My mother told me to stop riding my cars.

She said decent guys may be scared to approach me because I looked too expensive.

So I stopped riding them.

But nothing changed.

Then one early morning after my morning prayers..

I was scrolling on my social media.

And saw a post that caught my attention.

A pretty lady called Elohor was sharing her story.

She talked about how her trusted fiancée dumped her three months to her wedding.

And she then attended a single's seminar by an author called..

Ade Macaulay.

And that the tactics taught at that seminar, helped her get married fast...even at 37.

Well, I was inspired by her testimony.

And I was desperate.

So I searched more about the author.

And I found out that Ade Macaulay wrote a book titled:

[Men's Psychology of Love - After You Pray, Things a Lady Must Do to Make Him Love You Like a Man Under a Spell]

That Book is now called "The Secret Method".

It was selling for N10K at the time.

I bought it instantly.

I read The Secret Method on my phone more than 10 times.

I loved it so much; it was so informative.

In just 4 weeks of applying what I read in The Secret Method..

One of the single Pastor's in my church started asking me out.

This is someone who knows about my past.

I was shocked.

But fast forward to a few months later.

He was already very eager for us to get married quickly.

We have already started our marriage counselling.

I am still in shock at how fast things are changing since I started applying the The Secret Method tactics.

The wisdom inside The Secret Method ebook is God sent.

Every lady in need of a decent life partner should read this book.

God used The Secret Method e-book to help me get the most decent man I have ever known.

Unmarried Sister's, no matter how ugly your past maybe,

if you will repent and read a book like The Secret Method..

You can attract the man of your wildest dreams easily.


Thank you Mr. Ade Macaulay for releasing this book to the public.

God Bless you, sir.

If I had read this book earlier, I would have saved myself a lot of the heartbreaks I went through in my life.

The Secret Method e-book 

should be made compulsory for every lady when they hit 18 yrs of age.

This way, they would be well prepared for future relationships and they will understand men better.

Today I am not only married, I am also very fulfilled in my home. I recommend The Secret Method

sent by ayo

It is over now. No one is laughing behind my back anymore.

In my part of the world, it becomes a stigma ,if you are not married at 30+.

For a long time I pretended I wasn't fazed by the gossips but I was.

I was bothered by my singleness , it gave me sleepless nights.

But because of " The Secret Method" all that is now in the past. I am now happily married.

I recommend The Secret Method e-book

sent by - Fatima

At last, I did it.

After my last relationship failed.

I was left hopeless.

And as the years went by with no man asking my hand in married, my mother became very worried .

Thanks be to God for the secret method.

If not for the secrets in this book, I would never have gotten married. 


Information is key.

I recommend the secret method e-book.

sent by - Sarah

If you feel like all hope is lost, then this next testimony will surely motivate you


job: sales rep

When I was 28, I had a scary automobile accident that burnt 30% of my body and almost crippled me.

The accident was fatal; the impact squeezed the car, and it burst into flames. I was in a coma for 17 days, but my man died on the spot.

We were actually planning to get married that year, but my joy was cut short.

Before the accident, I was living my best life.

I had everything I prayed for ; a nice job, money and the man of my of dreams.

But the loss of my fiancé sent me into a into a dark tunnel.

I just wanted to die.

Those suicidal thought made me let myself go, and I became extremely obese.

Everybody said I would never find a husband.

(I was partially crippled),

Also. my shiny ebony skin was badly burnt and disfigured.

No man wanted anything to do with me.

And this continued for 12 years.

Men treated me like shit, they avoided me.

And even when they came around, I could see it in their eyes that they were just there because of pity.

On the day of the accident, I and my man were riding home from a romantic dinner when a drunken trailer driver ran into our car.

After the accident, I couldn’t work for two years; I was broke, broken and lonely.

I was maybe the saddest woman alive.

"So, tell me, is your case worse than what I went through?"

Maybe not.

But guess what , I read "The Secret Method eBook.

And I practiced the principles in the book.

It didn't take long, I started seeing changes.

Men started approaching me for dates.

It was like a dream.

I just did one thing Ade recommended in his book and six months later a man proposed to me.

In fact, different guys were interested in me , I was spoiled for choice.

If This Secret Method eBook" could get men rushing to marry a 41-year-old, burnt and partially crippled lady like me, then, imagine what will happen to you when you start applying the "secret method" in your life.

Today I am happily married.

And soon you could be too. if you would just quietly read this book and use the tactics.

You are welcome back from reading all the above testimonies..

Just so you know...

The above lady ( Bunmi) that shared the last testimony is now part of our team. 

She is one of the sales reps that will attend to you and make sure you get your copy of The Secret Method eBook .

Do You Want to Read The Secret Method eBook Now?

If your answer is YES.. then please take note of the following information...

The Secret Method eBook is ONLY available in  PDF format.

It is not a physical book like the type you can get from a bookshop.

You can only read The Secret Method  eBook on your phones , tablets or computer.

But if you want, you can also print it out at any business center like most ladies have done.

How Much is The eBook ?

The price was previously N10,000

But I want you to be able to access this knowledge for a price that anyone can easily afford..

So, I  crashed down the price.

Today, You Can Get The Secret Method eBook  for "N3,997" only.

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You delay, you pay more.

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Girl,  don't delay your wedding .

Start reading this eBook right away.

As you do , you too shall testify and be celebrated as you wed your own husband in just a few months from now.

It has worked for many others, your case can't be different.

"This eBook might just be

the answer to your years of painful tearful prayers".

Don't miss out on this opportunity..

You are not on this page by MISTAKE.

God wanted you to see this page for a reason.

Take action now ?

"Here's How to Remain Single Forever"

In my church, I see a lot of ladies who are now in their forties and no one wants to marry them anymore.

Some of these ladies are big shots running their own businesses and they have money.

But men just use them for fun, take their monies and run away.

I spoke with one of them sometimes ago.

And she told me that when she was 29 yrs old, she started dating a promising young guy.

They were madly in love.

So, they started living together.

Hoping that very soon when things got better financially for the guy, they are going to get married.

In the process of living with that man, she got pregnant twice but got rid of it.

In fact, her guy begged her to do it because he wasn’t ready financially to cater for children.

The relationship went on for five long years but the only weddings they ever attended were those of friends and relatives.

Five years later, she was 34, and gradually, her youthful beauty started to fade away little by little.

That was when trouble started.

Before she wised up, her lovely boyfriend who has been claiming he wasn’t ready to settle down due to financial constraints, got their 21 yrs old neighbour's daughter pregnant.

Guess what happened next?

Her boyfriend threw her out of the house and brought in the young 21yrs old as his wife.

Terrible, right?

I blamed the guy for such wickedness, but I blamed the lady even more.

Here is why I blamed her.

There is a way to behave when you are in a relationship, and your man will become afraid of losing you to another man; he will quickly rush and marry you.

But most ladies don’t understand how men’s mind work.

So they keep waiting year after year for marriage to come but it never comes.

I blamed her because five years is too precious to waste just like that.

I blame her because in those five wasted years, she refused to learn any new knowledge that can help her get the result she wanted.

Now at 43, she is still single.

Do You Want to End Up Like This Lady?

God forbid!

No not you, you are smarter than that!

Unlike that lady, you are here to get new knowledge.

In the secret Method book, you will learn how to understand men.

And then you will be able to attract, hook, and keep the man you want with ease.

Your looks , age and level of education is no barrier as long as you read the Secret Method Book.