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3rd December 2023

My dear distant internet cousin.

Here is the earning proof of one student of mine.

She is not up to 25yrs old.

After NYSC, no good job.

She joined my program over a year ago.

She was a slow starter but slowly she has built up her monthly revenue to $3k per month.

By the way that is N1.3M+ with the current exchange rate.

And the best part is that this is autopilot money.

By that, I mean money that comes to you without you having to work.

You do the work once but the cash keeps coming month after month.


My soon to be student...

Do you have $3k in your account right now?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

My point is, with the ABPM program, you too can earn something good.

But once I close this program, this will be another missed opportunity.

And that will surely be the case if you don't enrol today.

Enrol here  ?

Or don't and miss out

Your choice.


Tony Fotizo

aka Your Distant Internet Cousin

PS: This could be You , ? If You Enrol ....